Below you can browse our entire cremation urn collection, which includes a wide variety of cremation urns from around the world.

Please note that as wholesalers, we do not sell directly to the public, but would recommend that visiting families who find a cremation urn that they wish to purchase should contact the funeral director or crematorium that assisted with the funeral service.

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We understand too, that your beloved pet is very much a part of your family. 

If you have lost your 'special' family member, please visit our

retail website for a unique range, just for them.



  Our range includes:      


- Large brass cremation urns


- Keepsake brass cremation urns


- Ceramic cremation urns


- Heart keepsake brass cremation urns


- Stands for heart keepsake cremation urns


- Cloissone cremation urns


- Marble and Cloissone memory light

  keepsake cremation urns



- Cremation urn bags and urn pendants


- Cremation urns for scattering and ocean

  memorial services


- Bio cremation urns


- Premium cremation urns


- Timber cremation urns


- Stone cremation urns


- Cremation and Memorial Jewellery




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