Australian Embalming Products


"For Obvious Results"


Genenlyn has a state of the art range of specialist embalming products. These current products are the result of multiple years of research and developement. All products are thoroughly certified in the field before release to the market.


Genelyn's motto "For obvious results" defines Genelyn's commitment to produce quality products. The first step Genelyn takes in the development of any new product is to establish the current market benchmark and then set out to surpass it. Each new product is developed in conjunction with members of your industry; Genelyn listens in order to supply products to fit the embalmers' needs. A typical example of this is Genelyn's unique Trio Cav. There is no equivalent on the market and it continually returns elated reviews.


Genelyn's ultimate goal is to develop a range of products that are  safe for embalmers to use and handle, without sacrificing effectiveness. To date Genelyn has produced completely effective non-flammable equivalents for its entire product range, greatly improving safety. As your industry continues to develop new methodologies and practices, Genelyn is gearing itself to meet demands ahead of time.


You may have noticed that currently Genelyn's main products are formaldehyde-based formulations. We chose this avenue into the market in consultation with members of the industry, for its familiarity with users and performance. Our resolve is to parallel our range with safer products that offer equal, if not better performance.


Please click here to view Safety Testing Results carried out in the UK.


Also all MSDS for Genelyn's range are available when you obtain a login to our webshop. Please click here to contact us to obtain a password.



Genelyn's goals are to:

  • Supply fresh first class products

  • Support the industry in the use of our products

  • Continue R&D and develop new products



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