We have been using Final Touch Australia products since their inception in 2005 and before that their pre-decessor H Trevail & Son.

The reason we use Final Touch is not because of continuity, complacency or just because that's what we have always done, but because they are reliable, fast, economical, have good quality products and are just nice people to deal with.

Nothing is too much trouble, Jennie and her team take time to listen; that doesn't always happen with bigger supply companies.

I have had occasion to want specific products manufactured, spoken to larger companies and they canít do it, but Final Touch can.

They will find a way, get it done and at a better price.

Final Touch never promise something and then don't deliver. They deliver every time.

So the answer is easy, Final Touch Australia.

John Hopkins and Peter Hannigan



I have known Jennie for over 17 years. In that time she has been manager/owner of a funeral supply business. At all times within that period she has conducted herself with good business principles. I have also found her to be honest, reliable, friendly and trust worthy. I will continue to patronize her as a supplier for these reasons.

In the last five years she has acquired her own Company, Final Touch Australia, and that has gone from strength to strength. I would like to congratulate Jennie and wish her all the best for the future.

Anton Brown



Work in the funeral industry can be very satisfying. I meet people in a painful time in their lives. And, through the service my colleagues and I provide, we can play a significant role in helping people through their pain. Over the period of four or five days in all the preparations for the funeral, we do our utmost to ensure that all their expectations are met and that we, as a staff, meet the standards of service we set ourselves. We cannot do this on our own.

As with many smaller companies, I fulfil a number of roles. As embalmer and mortuary supervisor, I monitor the care and preparation of the body of the deceased from the time he or she becomes our responsibility. Then, as garage foreman I supervise the preparation of coffins and the outfitting of vehicles. In all of this, I rely on my suppliers for quality goods and prompt and reliable service. This has always been the case when dealing with Final Touch Australia.

Jennie and Lionel and, more recently, Veronica have always been pleasant and helpful to deal with. Nothing is too much trouble, that has been my experience. The range and quality of their products is more than adequate for our purposes. From coffin handles to mortuary requirements, I am confident of finding what I need. Moreover, I am equally confident that the items ordered will arrive at the time stated.

All of the above makes my job easier and enables me to assist in providing the service we pride ourselves on at W N Bull Funerals.

Steve Ross




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