Options you may not know you had – A resource for visiting families

Options You May Not know You Had - A resource For Visiting families

There are more options than you may think when it comes to cremation urns. With cremation becoming the most popular choice, and the changes we have seen in funerals across Australia, more options are available to cater to the way we now memorialise our loved ones.

When it comes to choosing a cremation urn, the best place to start is what relates to your loved one’s personality, style and interests. You may like to keep them close to you with cremation jewellery or keepsakes, scatter their cremains in their favourite place, farewell them at sea in a biodegradable vessel or keep them on a shelf in your home so they’re always with you. We know you are already making a lot of decisions, and the options available to you may seem overwhelming, so we hope this little bit of information assists you in making a choice that is right for you.

View our range here and speak to the funeral professional caring for your family, or your local crematorium to order.


Scattering Tubes
Designed to simplify the scattering process, the tubes are durable, dignified, recyclable and easy to use. They can be kept on your shelf (dry and out of direct sunlight) until you are ready.
Water Placement
Created for water lovers, providing a unique memorial and simplifying the scattering at sea process. Simply place in the water when you are ready (from a boat, kayak, end of a jetty), they are designed to float briefly before sinking, where it will biodegrade naturally over time. There is biodegradable paper that can be used to write messages and be placed inside the vessel for an extra special farewell.
Ground Placement
For the nature lover, ground placement is a beautiful, dignified, biodegradable and inexpensive way to inter cremains in a special spot.
Grow a Tree
Create a long lasting eco-friendly memorial by placing the ‘Nature Urn’ in the ground and growing a tree on top. Placing ashes with plants can affect the PH levels of the soil, this option allows the tree time to flourish before the ashes slowly release into the ground.
Keepsakes & Tealights

For many people keepsakes may not have been something you were aware of. A keepsake means that you can keep a portion of your loved with you, while you scatter some in their favourite place, or another family member has them in their home. Much like our full sized urn range, our keepsakes and tealights come in many shapes and styles. You can choose a more traditional style urn like the Tree of Life, something to match an urn you already have, ceramic options like the Pulvis range or our beautiful songbirds for a homeware feel, just to name a few.

Cremation Jewellery and Keepsakes are a beautiful way to help multiple family members keep their loved one close.

Cremation Jewellery

Each piece of our cremation jewellery holds a small amount of cremains, This is an increasingly more popular way to keep a loved one close with our range growing to provide pieces that look like your other jewellery. Add a pendant to a necklace you already have, add a bead to your pandora bracelet or choose something that stands out.

Homeware Style Urns vs Traditional Style Urns

We often gravitate to the traditional style urn because it is what we have seen for years. Some of the most popular urns in our collection are the Tree of Life and the Blessings range.

As our lives have evolved so have the ways in which we celebrate lives lived. Because of this we’ve added multiple homeware style urns like the Fovere for example, a beautiful vase that holds a portion of cremains in the base while still being functionable to hold your favourite flowers. Another example would be the Encased Heart or Fenicetek range, these beautiful pieces come in different sizes and create a feature in your home.

We also have some other options to celebrate lives lived in unique ways.

modUrn digitally records memories in contemporary designed memorial products. The urn with an app – modUrn life story app allows you to view and share
information with your invited family and friends via the secure app anywhere in the world at any time.

Learn more here.

Living tributes are a special gift with an earthy touch, that can be gifted at the service or after
a service to those who could not attend, creating a living tribute to your loved one. Handmade in Australia from recycled materials, they are inlaid with flower seeds to grow when planted.

See them on page 24 of our catalogue.

Heart in their hand gives you a way to feel close to your loved one by placing the pop out heart in their hand and keeping the rest safe with you.

See the range on page 28 of our catalogue.